Get clean, safe drinking water at home with a filter tap!

Three-way mixer taps, sometimes known as triple flow taps or TriFlo taps, are the ideal solution for the home to safely and easily filter tap water for a fresher tasting pint (of water!)

Filter taps are single high quality stylish taps that can be installed to replace your existing kitchen tap. The taps are essentially two taps in one with a hot and cold mixer, and a separate filtered drinking water lever. This means there's no need to have a stand-alone tap at the side of your sink! By installing a drinking water tap, you don't need to endure a standard hard water tap on your household water system.

3-way taps come in a range of styles and finishes, including brushed steel  filter taps and stainless steel filter taps.

Pure drinking water

An advanced water filter technology will keep you, and your family safe and with a constant supply of healthy, filtered and great tasting drinking water.  Filter taps offer the following benefits:

  • Remove chlorine
  • Improve taste
  • Remove odours
  • Remove sediment

Hard water an issue?

Limescale build up in your kettle or hot water boiler can reduce lifespan and have a dramatic effect on efficiency. Heating up all that chalk is a waste of precious energy, increasing your carbon footprint and your electricity bill!  A filter tap is one way to reduce and virtually eliminate limescale build up in your kettle or hot water dispenser.

No more bottles

No more bottles, no more waste, no more ‘food miles’ - just great tasting water, where you want it, when you want it with a 3-way mixer filter tap.