What Type of Water Cooler Should I Buy?

We're all told repeatedly that keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water has huge health benefits.  Not only is it law that a clean supply of drinking water should be available in all workplaces, it is recommended that we try to drink eight glasses of water each day.  For most people this is an almost impossible task, not least because there is not a convenient source of drinking water at work.  For this reason many employers are recognising this legal requirement and installing water coolers in the workplace.

When the decision has been made to install a water cooler, the next step is what type of water cooler system is right for your needs.  There are two basic types of water cooler – a bottle fed water cooler or mains fed water cooler, sometimes referred to as a ‘point of use’ or ‘POU’ water cooler, that is plumbed in to the mains water supply and ready to use without the need for bottles.  Both types of water cooler are available in freestanding, or desktop options.

Bottled water coolers

Bottled water coolers can be installed anywhere that has an electrical socket.  Bottled water coolers can be purchased with both hot and cold tap, cold and ambient tap, or simply a cold tap.  This type of cooler is fitted with a large capacity water bottle, which can be delivered directly to you on a regular basis, depending on your predicted usage.  The benefit of bottle-fed water coolers is that they use large bottles to supply the water cooler and so are particularly suited to areas where plumbing is not allowed or is not practical to install.  When choosing to purchase a bottle water cooler however, how much space you have available – you will need to be able to accommodate not only the water cooler but also the bottles that will need to be stored however regularly you have them delivered.  Fortunately, The Water Warehouse offer a space saving solution to storing a large number of water cooler bottles in the form of a four-bottle rack or for larger offices (or those who are especially thirsty!) a six-bottle rack.

Mains fed point of use water coolers

Mains fed water coolers are basically a large scale filtering and cooling system.  The water in this system passes through a filtering system eliminating water impurities and giving an unlimited supply of clean water that never runs out.  The benefit of mains water coolers is that it saves the hassle of using and storing refills and once you have the water cooler up and running you don’t need to rely on regular water deliveries.  Plumbed in water coolers are also a more practical alternative for companies with a large number of employees.  Mains fed water dispensers are cheaper than bottled fed water coolers because you don’t need to buy water bottles periodically, and you also save in the exertion of moving these spare bottles every time one needs to be changed.

Thankfully, there’s a practical solution to suit every budget and requirement, whether it’s in the home or at work.  What’s more whichever water cooler you decide to purchase, The Water Warehouse can deliver it direct to your door and in the case of our mains fed water cooler range, for a small additional fee, we can even install it too!  You can take care of your short and long-term health, by taking the small step of investing in a water cooler.