Want a More Productive Office?

Buy a Water Dispenser!

Other than the obvious advantages of drinking enough water, studies also show the adverse effects of a lack of drinking water.  However small and apparently mild they may seem, these issues still need to be considered especially by those in the world of work.  Ill-effects of not drinking enough water include; lack of concentration, fatigue, bad temper and disturbed eating and sleeping patterns.  While not usually serious or seemingly extreme, employers need workers who are sharp, energised and focussed on what they’re doing.  How can employers ensure that staff on the front line actually drink enough fresh, filtered water on a daily basis?  Simple – buy a water dispenser or a hot water boiler!

We’re sure you will have seen them – you may even have a water cooler or water boiler in your office already.  They not only make for great informal meeting spots but also encourage employees to fill up whenever they are walking from one end of the office to the other.  Water dispensers and water boilers are just a natural distraction from mundane tasks and workers love them.  Instead of having to fill up glasses of tap water that don’t taste great, it is such a delight to get a fresh sip of cool refreshing water.  And they will keep coming back for more!

There are a few important things to think of when you buy a water dispenser.  Many of which we have already covered in this advice area.  However you look at it though, a water dispenser is a great investment for your business.  There is a lot of evidence on how employees’ productivity has improved when making an effort to drink more water at work.  But truth be told, no one gets up from their desk to get a glass of bad tasting, almost luke-warm tap water.  Buy a water dispenser and notice the immediate increase in people drinking water and as a result don't be surprised if work is submitted days before it’s due!   For more information on what a water dispenser or water boiler can do for your business click on the sections above.