Five Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Mains Water Cooler

Mains-fed water coolers, sometimes referred to as plumbed-in water coolers, are a huge part of what The Water Warehouse is about, so it probably won’t come as a surprise that we like to wax lyrical about the reasons you should love a mains water cooler too. Bottled water coolers can be useful where there’s no easy access to the water supply, because all they need is a standard plug socket, but we thought we’d try to make things a little clearer (a bit like your water will be) by giving you five top reasons to purchase a plumbed-in water dispenser.

Complete control over cost

When you choose to install a mains water cooler you know in advance what the total cost is going to be, so no nasty surprises when you get your end of month bill. Most offices and even homes, find that their bill is reduced when they install a plumbed cooler instead of a bottled water dispenser.

Limitless supply of water

With a mains fed cooler you never need to budget your water bottles or worry about running out of water at the worst possible moment.  During the peak of summer this can be a massive reassurance!

Filtered = better tasting water

Probably goes without saying this one, but all of our water coolers and water boilers can be fitted with an industry-leading filter so the water is always clean and refreshing.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to heat things up rather than cool them down, with a hot water boiler you’ll never need to put the kettle on again for that invigorating cup of tea or coffee.

Safe to use

When you consider that the average cooler bottle weighs in at a whopping 19kg, with a bottleless water cooler, there’s no need to leave it to your staff to have to lift bottles and risk them putting their backs out!  ‘Bottleless’ means just that, which we’re sure your staff will thank you for.

Greener and leaner

Everyone’s trying to be that bit more environmentally conscious these days, which is why moving away from having bottles delivered by road can constitute a small but nevertheless important step to being greener.  Not to mention the fact that fewer bottles will need to be manufactured.

Where it’s feasible (and we appreciate it isn’t always) buying a mains fed water cooler is certainly one way to make significant cost savings, without taking away the benefit of owning a top quality water cooler.