Water Coolers

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Five Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Mains Water Cooler

Mains-fed water coolers, sometimes referred to as plumbed-in water coolers, are a huge part of what The Water Warehouse is about, so it probably won’t come as a surprise that we like to wax lyrical about the reasons you should love a mains water cooler too.

Hydrate Your Staff with an Office Water Cooler

Hydrating your staff can mean they feel motivated, alert and energetic. It will not only benefit them, but also your business and the quality of the work produced.

Make an Office Environment a Happier One

Supplying your employees with refreshment is something that is often overlooked, perhaps thinking that employees should be responsible for their own supply of drinks at work.


Want a More Productive Office? Buy a Water Dispenser!

Other than the obvious advantages of drinking enough water, studies also show the adverse effects of a lack of drinking water.  However small and apparently mild they may seem, these issues still need to be considered especially by those in the world of work.

What Type of Water Cooler Should I Buy?

We're all told repeatedly that keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water has huge health benefits.  Not only is it law that a clean supply of drinking water should be available in all workplaces, it is recommended that we try to drink eight glasses of water each day.