Hot Water Boiler Options

So you’ve done it – you’ve made the decision to dispose of that slow, inefficient, expensive-to-run kettle and replace it with a shiny new hot water boiler instead. But which type to get? Fear not dear reader, as always we’re here to help!

Automatic fill water boilers are the ideal solution for businesses and even home owners for convenience, ease of use and time saving. They are available to buy as wall-mounted hot water boilers and table top hot water boilers. Unlike waiting for a kettle to boil, both types of hot water boiler can be connected to existing mains supply and provide an endless supply of water. Depending on the model, hot water boilers can provide up to 180 cups of boiling water per hour, thereby removing the need to continually boil water in a kettle, saving valuable time and energy.

The only other decision you need to make is whether to opt for a tap dispense water boiler or push button water boiler. This decision is really down to personal preference, as both options offer equal convenience and safety.

Hot water dispensers come in a range of sleek and modern styles that are easy to clean and maintain. The filtration system that is available for hot water boilers not only provides the best tasting water for hot beverages but it also reduces the build-up of scale ensuring you never get a bad tasting drink. The addition of a BWT water filter for your hot water dispenser also ensures your machine will last and last.

So what makes installing a hot water boiler in your office kitchen such a good idea? Well, for a start, a water boiler will boil hot water straight from the tap - and because they have a reservoir will keep it at a constant temperature too. The ease and convenience of having instant piping hot water at any time from an automatic fill water boiler makes this appliance a valuable addition to your kitchen. The amount of time, money and energy saved from waiting on water to boil is invaluable, especially in the busy and hectic work environment.

The initial cost of purchase and installation of hot water boilers may be high compared to buying a kettle, but the added safety, convenience and reduced energy costs make them a worthwhile investment in the long term. Whether you are buying for your home, have a small or large office, no one can deny the advantage of having a hot water boiler in the kitchen.