How to Make the Most out of Instant Hot Water Boiler

Purchasing a water boiler for drinks from a reputable company is not hard work.  Hot water boiler suppliers will discuss with you the various packages that you can go for which may include some of the following; free installation, whether to include a water filter system, delivery, and should also talk to you about servicing and maintenance.

When thinking of installing a domestic hot water boiler or office hot water boiler, you have two main options.  You can choose between either a freestanding mains fed hot water boiler or a wall mounted hot water boiler.  You then need to decide whether to choose a tap dispense hot water boiler or a push button hot water boiler.  Both types of hot water boiler are connected to your buildings mains water supply, to provide an unlimited amount of water.  No matter what type of hot water boiler you choose, provided you choose a water filter to go with it, the water is always filtered helping to get rid of some of the chemicals often found in tap water, such as chlorine.

Instant hot water boilers are easily installed and getting the most out of your hot water boiler is easy.  The key to years of trouble-free use is to ensure that it is fitted with a water filter when installed and making sure it is maintained correctly.  Regular sanitisation of your hot water boiler will help make sure that it stays hygienic.  Just using a little hot water or sanitiser spray, like Aqua Dosa Sanitiser, is all it takes.

Hot water boilers have many added benefits, and to make sure you are getting the most out of your hot water boiler you should use it regularly – not that that’s ever a problem in the office!  It is recommended that an adult drinks between 2 to 3 litres of water per day.  Drinking more water is proven to help improve your overall health.  

Consuming sufficient water also helps the body to maintain a healthy immune system by flushing out toxins and bacteria that may have entered the body.  One of the main reasons that many employers are keen to install a hot water boiler, is that by using it regularly you don’t just help the environment by not constantly boiling the kettle, you are also getting the most out of your employees.  Water rehydrates both the body and the mind meaning that your staff are less likely to become lethargic and distracted allowing them to work harder for longer.