Get Hot Water At The Touch of a Button

As the weather gets steadily colder as we approach another winter, when you need a hot drink on a cold morning, you don’t want to wait for the water to heat up – especially if you’ve just got into the office.  Buying a hot water dispenser for your home or office can alleviate this issue by giving you access to boiling water as soon as you need it.  Installation is straightforward and, depending on how frequently you use hot water, installing a hot water dispenser may even save you money.

Types, Uses and Installation

From tea to soup to cereal and more, there are nearly unlimited uses for hot and cold water dispensers.  While it may seem as though you only use hot water on occasion, if you stop to examine your daily routine, you may find that you use it a lot more than you think.  Choosing between a hot, cold, and hot/cold combination dispenser will primarily be a matter of which you are likely to use most, as prices are fairly comparable.  If you’re comfortable making a few pipe connections, you should be able to install a hot water dispenser on your own, although professional installation from the supplier is usually recommended and often a requirement of the guarantee.  Freestanding bottled combination water coolers are even easier to install – all they need is a wall socket.

Hot Water Dispensers

Hot water dispensers, sometimes referred to as hot water boilers, feature a faucet connected to a small storage tank attached to the dispenser.  The tank is connected to the cold-water supply line, which fills the tank with cold water from your mains supply.  A heated coil then heats the water while it’s in the tank, so the water is always hot and ready the instant you dispense it.  Unlike a kettle, the water in the tank is kept at a constant temperature and is not boiled from cold every time it’s needed.  The temperature of the dispensed water can usually be adjusted and will range from around 60°c to 93°c.


If you’re concerned about how adding a hot water dispenser will affect your bills, consider how much you’ll use it.  If you will use it multiple times during the course of a day, odds are it will save you money versus heating water up in the kettle every time you want a hot drink.  One thing we do know is that energy savings can be massive!