Why Installing a Hot Water Boiler is Good for Employee Productivity

So the frosty mornings are upon us once again and you’ve just arrived in the office.  It’s cold.  You’re cold.  There may however be something else you can consider to keep you warm on a cold day in the office than staying wrapped up in your duvet and hibernating until Spring.  Install a hot water boiler and make yourself a hot drink!

There are so many advantages to installing an instant water boiler in the office kitchen, we’re surprised that more people haven’t done so already (but then we would say that, because we know how good they are!)  In effect, a water boiler takes the place of a conventional  kettle by dispensing hot water straight from the tap.  The major difference and where the electric hot water boiler really beats a kettle hands down is the ease and convenience of being able to dispense hot water at any time without waiting for water to boil, which is especially valuable in a busy work environment.

In an office or work environment, no-one can afford to waste time, yet much of an employee’s time that is wasted waiting for the kettle to do its job, can be saved with a hot water boiler, allowing them to get on with their job!  Installing an office hot water boiler can not only save on time, but on energy costs too.  Fast-paced working can be matched with a fast-paced hot water dispenser.

Unlike a kettle, both wall mounted water boilers and table top water boilers are connected to existing mains plumbing, offering an unlimited supply of boiling water.  You may be surprised to learn that boiling water dispensers are energy efficient.  Each model varies, but can supply between 140 to 180 cups per hour, thereby removing the need to continually boil a kettle with cold water.  Usually, hot water dispensers are fitted with extremely efficient insulated hot water tanks that can be left on throughout the day and even over the course of a weekend without having to use extra energy to heat.

Although the initial cost of purchase and installation of hot water boilers is likely to be higher than buying a conventional kettle, over their lifetime (far, far longer than a kettle) and the added convenience, reduced energy costs and employee time, makes them an attractive prospect for any work place.  This perfect discreet appliance dispenses water with no mess or fuss so swapping the old office kettle for a hot water boiler may not be such a bad idea.