Hot Water Boiler

Have a read our recent articles on how a hot water boiler can benefit you.

Hot Water Boiler Options

So you’ve done it – you’ve made the decision to dispose of that slow, inefficient, expensive-to-run kettle and replace it with a shiny new hot water boiler instead. But which type to get?

Get Hot Water At The Touch of a Button

As the weather gets steadily colder as we approach another winter, when you need a hot drink on a cold morning, you don’t want to wait for the water to heat up – especially if you’ve just got into the office.

Time to Ditch the Kettle with a Hot Water Boiler

It may seem strange for a company with years of knowledge and experience in the delivery and installation of water coolers to talk about hot water boilers, but we wanted to bring you some amazing numbers, should you be looking to heat water up rather than cool it down.

How to Make the Most out of Instant Hot Water Boiler

Purchasing a water boiler for drinks from a reputable company is not hard work.

Why Installing a Hot Water Boiler is Good for Employee Productivity

So the frosty mornings are upon us once again and you’ve just arrived in the office.  It’s cold.  You’re cold.  There may however be something else you can consider to keep you warm on a cold day in the office than staying wrapped up in your duvet and hibernating until Spring.

Hot Water Boilers – The Most Economical Way to Heat Water

A hot water boiler is an indispensible addition for any busy home or office, allowing your family, guests or employees to help themselves to tea and coffee.