Hot Water Boilers – The Most Economical Way to Heat Water

A hot water boiler is an indispensible addition for any busy home or office, allowing your family, guests or employees to help themselves to tea and coffee. You’ll be able to be so much more sociable when you don’t have to rush off to boil the kettle and make endless cups of tea!

Hot water dispensers come in a variety of different sizes, so you’re sure to be able to find one to suit any occasion or environment. From friendly gatherings to large family events, you will find an inexpensive one for home use that is simple to use and is capable of immediate dispense of up to 20 cups, with capacity for more than 100 cups every hour!

Professional hot water boilers are usually more expensive, but not necessarily used solely by the professional caterer or kitchen. These specialist hot water dispensers can output anything up to 156 cups per hour, with immediate draw off of 40 cups or more!

Instant hot water boilers are extremely economical, even though they often stay switched on most of the day. Good quality boiling water dispensers feature insulated tanks, which maintain the water at a preset temperature and are ideal for offices. Because of the unique way hot water boilers store water, they have a much lower heat up cost than a standard kettle.

Hot water boilers provide a hassle free way to give your staff or customers instant hot water for hot drinks, so no longer will you have to boil the kettle.